Saturday, December 31, 2011

SHARE CARE part.1 (be your self, but be wise to use it)

The moment in the Bulak Sumur.

Their wide wing surrounding us ..
The Luxury ceramic was chilling my bones
The fine gamis, wrap the bodies which rejoices in its activity
There is no audible foreign terms,
no celebrities,
no gossip warmest,
no korean artist,

no cheating celebrities,
no lust is opposed, on the contrary, they are subject to the atmosphere of "comfort"
no jealousy, otherwise we each want the other had a good things
there is no worry that poisons hope, on the contrary, the al 'ilmu to guide us

The presumption: story about Muhammad SAW and his companions RA, the a'imatul arba '. alalbani, alauza'i, al hakim whom agreed adzdahabi, heresy, heaven, kawa'ibun in Eden.
HUFFFF .....

the lost Sensation ..I never felt anymore
right after I floated, and lying in risbang thrust.

Here, hundreds of masks prepare for, to ease talking with human
Here, hundreds of skills continued ... I was looking for and I've learned to calm our taqorrub later.
Here too, I find, guess, who is she?
Here too, Im begging, Im requesting, Im Pleading for the Your Bless..the black raven

"When the time is come, all will be beautiful". Her last world to me... a girl I never met

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